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Sad News... =[

2008-11-06 16:42:09 by Cornered-Fear

I'm canceling the production of PLS 1 and may continue it later if my skills adept more.
but. when there is bad news, there is always good news [in my case at least]

I'm starting a new series! [hopefully]
Idk what its gonna be named, idk what it is going to be about, and i need an idea for a series.

Any Suggestions?

More news!

2008-11-05 22:27:27 by Cornered-Fear

Im happy Obama won. Tis time for a change.
On the other hand, i released my first music piece ever onto newgrounds. I think it sucks, but oh well. You fail, you fail. You succeed, you succeed!

Moar Projects.
Pointless Slimes Episode 1.
Pointless Slimes is a flash about slimes who manage to become a morph of whatever they want. Its a work in progress, and it only has about 100 frames. I plan to make this one over 1000. [or OVER 9000!!!! Nah, that's too long. We will keep our goal at 1000.] I'm setting the release date for this December 1st if not earlier.

I have school that starts at 8 in the morning, so nothing i can do in the morning, because i can't wake up. School till 2:20. Then i get hmmm 2 or 3 hours for anything I want. Then at 5-5:30 is my football practice. This usually lasts till around 8. No practice on Fridays, or Mondays. So, yeah. i don't really have a lot of off time, so that's why i set the deadline of my project December 1st.

We finished our football season at 6-2. We went to the playoffs only to loose to our rival the panthers. They wont go far though. They got the wildcats coming up and whew are they gonna get owned. Well if you don't know what these are they are football teams. [yes the American style football with the fun tackling.] We are practicing for our regional tournaments down in Florida. We are taking a bus there and it will take about 25-28 hours. It sucks, but its worth it. There is free turkey in it too.

Thanks for your attention, C-f.


2008-10-25 21:10:36 by Cornered-Fear

First flash blammed, oh well i deserved it, after i named it trash heap XDD.

I think i just drank rotten milk, my stomach hurts like a mofo.. or maybe its just gas.

one or the other.

Working on 2 projects:
Super happy fun time random collab entry
2nd one is confedintal.

So cheyaa in november i will be gone the week of thanksgiving. going to Florida FOOTBALL COMPETITION :D WERE THE BEST >:S

So yeah imma shut up now. [oh yea and relationship problems are in the air and out of my head she is now out of my life.]


Thanks, CF.